Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smash Book: A Work in Progress

It's going pretty slow and steady with my Smash Book - but that's what makes it so relaxing! 

My husband and I usually go out on Saturdays, but he's been sick with bronchitis for the past week so he definitely needed to rest this weekend! Relaxing for him meant playing Xbox One. Relaxing for me meant playing with my Smash Book and planner and watching YouTube videos :D Oh, and coffee. 

Those aren't all my supplies (haha!). I'll show more - all in due time. 

I love cool-looking girls, patterns and owls, of course!

This is part of my two-pager for Erick and I. He's a big fan of Johnny Cash and Then I just added tiny photos of the Tegan and Sara concert we went to last year and the backdrop of Jersey Girls, the musical he took me to for my birthday this year :)

There's not much on this page...and I don't know if I'll add anymore to tell you the truth. I had that journaling card ("so very lucky") and it just matched up really well with the "I am"

This is part of a two-pager that will be dedicated to my friendships. Sage is a fantastic person and she's always including awesome stuff (like this post card) in the packages she sends me. The pen and ink stickers remind me of her because she is also an independent author!

I told you I like cool-looking girls. 

And tea.

I have a lot of likes - they just aren't all on here yet!

Not the best photo - but you'll see it again as it evolves. I call these my creepy pages. They just sorta...happened. 

I fortunately/unfortunately have the tendency to place things/pictures straight. I don't even notice I'm doing it anymore. I'm also not sure if I hate it so - yeah. 

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! I'll keep you updated 💜

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