Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lists: Books

How do you all keep track of books you want to read? I love books and buy them whenever I am able to, which is why I try and keep a log of books I want! By doing this, I will be ready if I find myself at a random bookstore that happens to have cheap prices or when I'm thrift shopping - this happens to me more times that I can count!

I've tried keeping a separate notebook for lists like this and so I have random notebooks all around with all kinds of lists in them, which can be pretty frustrating. 

Now that I have a planner, I like to keep lists in there. I printed this lined paper:

There's all different kinds of layouts and although it's meant for homeschooling, I find that it works well for planners when printed in the "booklet" style. I found it here. I plan on customizing the pages once I get a chance and moment alone with my washi tape :)

How do you keep track of your "most wanted" books?

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