Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 Who are your favourite social media people?

In no particular order...

Felicia Day

Gabriella Lindley

Meghan Rienks

Jeana & Jesse (PrankvsPrank)


Sammie Erzen

Lilly ~Superwoman~


3 Top 5 electronic gadgets you cannot live without?

1. Cell phone (iPhone 6)
2. MacBook Pro
3. iPad 4th Gen
4. eReader
5. Microwave?

I have no idea if this just includes stuff you can carry in your bag lol but I need my microwave :P

1 Your goals for this month?

I always have many goals for each month. Sadly, they all are about work because that is where I spend most of my time! So, my work goals for this month revolve around me catching up with phone calls and paperwork since I've been out with bronchitis this week so far :(

Personal goals include decorating for Christmas since my husband wants Christmas to come early this year hehe. I'm also getting my first Filofax so I also want to prepare it to my liking!

November List Challenge

I saw this challenge on the Filomaniac website. You can see it here. I thought I would give it a try! So - stay tuned as I catch up with challenge! Also, I'm following a whole bunch of challenges on my Instagram - so follow me if you'd like to see :)

365/30: November's List

1 Your goals for this month?
2 What is in your every - day carry?*
3 Top 5 electronic gadgets you cannot live without?
4 Who are your favourite social media people?
5 What are your favourite brands, designs, etc of paper to write your lists on?
6 What are your favourite pens?
7 Quotes or sayings that you are known for that aren’t necessarily ones you have made up?
8 People who always make you smile?
9 What are your favourite Facebook pages or groups?
10 What are your favourite places and time to write your lists?
11 What are the questions you would really love to know the answer to?
12 What are your favourite words, and why do you like them?
13 Favourite drinks to do your planning, journalling, or write lists with?
14 What does random act of kindness mean to you?
15 The perfect meal would be?
16 Your reasons to be cheerful?
17 The perfect weekend would be where? Describe it!
18 What makes the perfect bag?
19 What random acts of kindness have you done?
20 The things you are expert in?
21 Time flies when you are…..?
22 Top planning tips?
23 The traditions that you keep?
24 The traditions you would like to add?
25 After being in the bio dome for 6 months name the first things you would do when you came out?
26 People you would like to be your neighbour?
27 Jokes that make you laugh, no matter how often you are told them?
28 People you know that are awesome but aren’t famous?
29 Five things you always have in your food cupboard just in case?
30 Review of the month

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lists: Books

How do you all keep track of books you want to read? I love books and buy them whenever I am able to, which is why I try and keep a log of books I want! By doing this, I will be ready if I find myself at a random bookstore that happens to have cheap prices or when I'm thrift shopping - this happens to me more times that I can count!

I've tried keeping a separate notebook for lists like this and so I have random notebooks all around with all kinds of lists in them, which can be pretty frustrating. 

Now that I have a planner, I like to keep lists in there. I printed this lined paper:

There's all different kinds of layouts and although it's meant for homeschooling, I find that it works well for planners when printed in the "booklet" style. I found it here. I plan on customizing the pages once I get a chance and moment alone with my washi tape :)

How do you keep track of your "most wanted" books?